Well boys and girls, this upcoming Sunday is a Mud Or Bust wheeling event. I am posting this one on here as an inviation for all, to come "run what they brung". The meeting tims is 11:30am, the meeting place is Robins Coffee Shop on the corner of Fredrica st. and James st. The wheeling location is my buddy's backyard in Rosslyn. The event will be shut down at 4 to keep his neighboors happy. NO EXCESSIVE DRINKING! We have no problem with someone having a beer or two wheeling in his yard, but no need to get sloppy and go wheeling! When driving down his driveway try to drop as little mud as possible and don't spin the tires! When leavign and entering his property on the road, don't drive like a moron! Thank you all and I hope to see some of you out on Sunday!