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Thread: Request for Assistance: Bottom End Engine build

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    Re: Request for Assistance: Bottom End Engine build

    You wanted to "start with the torque number", then posted that the B20 has 5 more ft/lbs, which shouldn't mean much to your plan. If you have a B20 block and want to build an all motor setup, cool. If you want to go turbo, sell the B20 block (that's worth more to all motor guys) and get a B18 block, put some rods and pistons in it and go up to 400hp turbo. Or....you can spend $5k doing a bunch of stuff to the B20 that you'll turbo and crack a sleeve and then get to spend even more money because you didn't just do a rods/pistons B18 in the beginning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hafast View Post

    Fellow said something about rear bushings, but its a lowered EK... so if it comes back as the subframe is trashed because it was lowered, I may be looking again.

    It's a unibody car. There is no subframe. Rear bushings are much easier to tackle then justifying turbocharging a B20 just because you have one.

    Kinda feeling Tremblays rage mode. lol

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    Re: Request for Assistance: Bottom End Engine build

    Well the budget is 3000 now which I have for the car and this year an 12k to build Of that I do not have yet.

    The assistance I was asking for was physical similar to when I was building up my 93 so I paid a buddy I worked with 300 for his garage and his time to show me how to do a swap, timing, clutch & flywheel, and supporting mods. I do appreciate the stamp foot "look, you are being crazy" comments, I kinda need that. I've been reading for years about crvtec and it's maybe my ocd that wants a 2.0L and only that but I just want to overbuild and ergo overspend a little to make sure the bottom end is worry free. I don't wish to rev to 14k but be more around 8k

    Ill tell you I'm not Intretested in drag racing or huge dyno numbers. I would sleeve the block if I could, but In my mind it unnecessary for a street machine that's naturaly aspirated. I have been to Shannonville a few times when I lived in Kingston and mosport park when it was called that and really enjoyed tracking my car which was a v6 Ford fusion.

    In in the end I said I may boost it but I understand how to tune a car I've done it before I taught myself with crome albeit I used an off the shelf tune and just tweaked it to keep everything neat and safe.

    I appreciate the advice given so far and hope that when the time comes and I build it someone on here could supervise my assembly so I get it right.
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    Re: Request for Assistance: Bottom End Engine build

    K swap.

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