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Thread: Any E85 in town?

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    Re: Any E85 in town?

    Well sweet jehovah's witness... you got me

    I didn't think the couple liters left in my lines and tank would turn 6 gallons of what is E75 into E33.
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    Re: Any E85 in town?

    You might be onto something here Curtis lol. Offer 2 different grades.. Like a bar, standard and premium brand alcohol!

    Quote Originally Posted by Curtis_conway View Post
    I'm not looking to turn it into an argument. I'm explaining to the people that you can get E for cheap only 3hrs away and at any time you like and your calling it garbage....like I said your doing things the right way James, spend the money and get good shit, but I'm also pointing out that many have ran pump e with no issue. Oh and I also pointed out that you are a person who's not shy on spending and I am cheap as they get. So this all works out, people here from the top and the bottom.

    I'm not cancelling on you, I need all the E I can get.
    Ps at 1.81/gallon it's 99.50usd now times the by 30% because our dollar sucks and your looking at 130can per drum.
    Drum is 205L

    - - - Updated - - -

    Just thought of the perfect little bussiness for you....I have 2 trailers we can head to Duluth and pick up pump e and sell it for like 150 a barrel. You can call it shit-e and of coarse offer the "James-e" also. Fuck how can you loose?
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