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Thread: When to change spark plugs?

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    When to change spark plugs?

    So I checked my owner's manual for my 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander for the recommended spark plug change interval and there's nothing. All the way past the 200k mark. I really doubt my spark plugs shouldn't be changed after 200k kms. Thoughts? I'm currently at 72k, I figured maybe this summer I could change them. Overkill? Any thoughts or recommendation would be grateful. Thanks.

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    Re: When to change spark plugs?

    I'm thinking they're not copper plugs. What are they?

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    Re: When to change spark plugs?

    When they look like this!

    But seriously... look at the condition / check the gap if you are worried. All else fails call Mitsubishi and ask, but they will probably tell you to bring it in. Or just replace them for peace of mind... not expensive.

    Whatever floats your boat!

    But plugs in a stock motor can last a hell of a long time. I wouldnt be worried personally.

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    Re: When to change spark plugs?

    My tuner recommends changes every 20k kms. I recently changed plugs on my evo at 35k km and they looked almost new.. except the one I blew while testing nlts

    I don't see the harm in changing more often than what the manufacturer suggests.
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