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Thread: Autocross Registration Guide

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    Autocross Registration Guide

    This thread will serve as the autocross registration guide. I will update this page with any changes to the registration process. Below is is what you need to know/do in order to participate in your first event as far as registration goes:

    1. Purchase a TBAC Membership
    If you are interested in autocross, it’s highly recommended to get an annual membership. You will get a 15% discount from NAPA Auto Parts and it will save you money if you run more then two autocross events. An annual membership is $50. We also offer a $20 temporary Day-Membership for those looking to just try it out which counts towards the purchase price of a full membership.
    To renew or apply for a new membership:
    • Fill out this Membership Form - bring with cash payment to event at 9:30AM (registration cut off at 10:30AM sharp!).

    2. Complete a Registration Form
    You must complete a registration form to compete in autocross events and pay a $25 race fee. Please fill it out legibly and to the best of your ability. Your correct name, address and contact information is important. Accurate vehicle information is also critical as this info is used for timing and scoring.

    3. Find Your Base Car Class
    In order to compete, you must properly class your vehicle.
    • First, find your car in the SCCA Street Category (for example: SS, AS, BS, CS, DS, ES, FS, GS, HS).
    • Second, use the chart below to take your SCCA class and convert it into one of the 3 TBAC classes (for example: A, B or C). This is now your TBAC Base Class.

    SS A
    AS A
    BS A
    CS B
    DS B
    ES C+
    FS B
    GS C+
    HS C
    Note: a (+) indicates you receive 12 base modification points off the bat.

    4. Complete the Car Classing Worksheet
    Now that you have your TBAC Base Class, you receive 'modification points' based on how your car has been altered from factory. Go down the list and total all your mod points to get your Final TBAC Class. If you started in C+, don't forget to add your 12 base points. For every 25 points, move up one class (for example, if you started in B Class and have 29 points you are now in A Class).

    5. Complete a Self-Tech form & Waiver
    As always, participants are encouraged to have a professional mechanic complete their vehicle's technical inspection. You will need a 2005 or newer SNELL approved helmet. The club has loaner helmets available for newbies but highly recommends purchasing your own. We recommend a Snell 2015 SA or M to get the most from your purchase.

    All done! You are now ready to compete in the Thunder Bay Autosport Club Autocross Championship! Please refer to our Supplementary Regulations and the Rules & Regulations page for additional information as well as the Autocross Schedule page for the 2017 event dates and locations.

    Feel free to create a new thread to ask questions related to registration or PM me.
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