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Thread: Anyone know this guy?

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    n00b bANONYMOUS's Avatar
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    Anyone know this guy?

    If anyone knows this guy, they should message him and tell him his brake pad fell out and it's dragging by the wear sensor wires.
    He wasn't driving like a dick or anything, I just couldn't get up beside him because of traffic and then he turned off and I was stuck in the other lane.

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    Re: Anyone know this guy?

    I don't think ford's or any other domestic manufacturer use pad sensors.

    Randy Probst's take on the BRZ "it's like a BMW and a Lotus had a baby"

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    Re: Anyone know this guy?

    Super duties dont have pad sensors.. it looks like maybe an oil pan heater? Anywhoo good on ya for trying to help em out!
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