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Thread: 1992 Honda Accord EX #buildthreadspam

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    n00b bANONYMOUS's Avatar
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    1992 Honda Accord EX #buildthreadspam

    Since there's not as much activity on this site anymore, I'm going to start wasting everyone's bandwidth with spam posts for all of the side projects I work on for flipping cars.

    I just picked this up yesterday, it's a 1992 Honda Accord EX with F22A6 and a 5 speed manual, a very mild 325,000km on it and the original timing belt!
    Ideally all I'm doing is cleaning it up, getting it back to what I consider acceptable, mechanically sound, and try to get everything done within budget so I can get it up for sale soon.

    It's obviously lowered but I haven't had the wheels off yet to get a look at all the goodies so I'm not sure what kind of suspension

    The entire car was repainted, door jams and everything with this insane sparkly Honda paint, it's OEM but with double the metal flake.

    Washed it up before I put it away to get worked on

    AirMass exhaust manifold down to a factory exhaust

    Original timing belt I mentioned above, I wasn't kidding..

    Optima Yellow Top

    Crystal side markers, clear glass lens headlights, and crystal bumper signals

    Kenwood double din head unit with SiriusXM and 6.5" Kenwood component speakers front and rear. Momo ricers pedals and shifter knob, not a huge fan of those but the knob is weighted so that along with whatever shortshifter is installed in this shifts pretty nice

    It also came with two 10" Alpine Type R subs in a hella sparkly red box and the entire car is wired, amp and all, this thing absolutely pounds

    I'm going to be doing some bodywork here and there, clay bar, buff, polish, wax, you know, the general stuff I do to everything, going to be cleaning up a lot of minor things in the engine bay, and if I can find a set of tires for around $200 I'll be tossing a set of 17's on it that I have kicking around.

    I'm actually kind of on the fence about selling the Integra and keeping this, it runs really good, drives amazing for 325,000km so we'll see what happens when I'm ready to sell this, might end up putting the Integra up for sale instead.
    That's all for now, I have some car shuffling to do before I start working on this so expect delays for the next week or so
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    Re: 1992 Honda Accord EX #buildthreadspam

    i actually remember this car from back in the day, always liked it.
    WhEn LiFe KnOcKs YoU dOwN, cAlMlY gEt Up, SmIlE aNd PoLiTeLy SaY.... "YoU hIt LiKe A bItCh"

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    Re: 1992 Honda Accord EX #buildthreadspam

    like way in the day. but always been a fan of 2 door Accords of this generation.

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    Re: 1992 Honda Accord EX #buildthreadspam

    Still want the lip for the impreza

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    Re: 1992 Honda Accord EX #buildthreadspam

    I had a 1990 Accord as my second vehicle ever owned. It's a great car. Reliable too but the body rusted out so I decided to sell it for cheap lol Yours is in great shape.

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