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Thread: BoooooooooST vs headgasket

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    BoooooooooST vs headgasket

    Attn serious engine guys:
    Just want to tap into some of your brains. I had a leaky headgasket on a boosted 6cyl BMW motor (M20). The motor is iron and has been oringed (copper figure 8 rings), and the head is aluminum. The gasket was a oem style/composite gasket that has a good reputation, and ARP head studs were used. It lasted 4years, so not too bad The issue I believe is that the headgasket rode a bit high due to the gasket not being able to completely compress the copper orings or develop a groove in the head gasket. My options for headgaskets are MLS, copper, or OEM/OEM style (which again was on there). File down orings, remove orings, leave orings? Sealant or no? Gasket? Thoughts?

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    Re: BoooooooooST vs headgasket

    You need to replace the orings and get a gasket that's designed for said o rings. Talk to Danny massaro because imo I would get rid of the o rings by either decking the block or replacing it.

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    Re: BoooooooooST vs headgasket

    receiver groove in the head?
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