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Thread: Project: 1997 Dodge RAM 1500

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    Project: 1997 Dodge RAM 1500

    I just picked up another vehicle this weekend, it's a 1997 Dodge RAM 1500 with 211,000km on it, it has a 5.2L Magnum and an automatic transmission, it's 4x4 and I'm not sure which axles it has yet, haven't looked into much else, the price was right so I jumped on it. It's from Nipigon and has been sitting in town for the last 2.5 years, put in a new battery and it fired up first try and ran fairly stable, the idle has some hesitation so I just ordered a new throttle position sensor which should be in on Wednesday and I'll post back as to whether or not that fixed the issue. It runs fine, it will just randomly rev up and down around 200rpm on it's own at random.

    Anyway, here it is in Nipigon when I went to pick it up for the person who I just bought it off of.

    Here's pictures from when I dropped it off 2.5 years ago

    And here it is in the identical spot unmoved 2.5 years later

    Got it loaded it up this weekend

    And outside my house that night

    I don't have any other pictures of it, it needs some work, but parts for this thing are stupid cheap so it's going to be a fun project, plan is to run though it for list of parts, and depending on budget after all of the body work is done, might be short for paint, so it will just be getting satin clear once the body is straight and rust free, should be an interesting build, that's for sure.

    So far I know it'll need rockers and cab corners, both tail lights are cracked, the front seats have to be installed after the new supplied carpet is installed, head lights need to be polished but I might just replace them given some clear lens upgrade housings are pretty cheap online, might be worth the cost to just buy a replacement set rather than sitting there sanding them down stage by stage and then clearing the lenses, waiting for cure time, wet sanding and polishing.. or for a few bucks more I can just swap out the entire housing and have further light output. I'm leaning towards the new housing route on that one. I need bed side fender cuts, it's just starting so I can catch it now before it eats the whole bed sides, and I need the front right fender cut for the same repair, the left front fender needs to be replaced.

    The steering wheel is worn down to the metal and given the price of used oem ones, I'm leaning towards an aftermarket NRG wheel, I did some light reading and apparently the early 90's chevy steering wheel adapters will bolt right on these trucks so I'll do some more research into that and give that a go if it all checks out, the rear bumper is from a Ford so I still need to find a used oem bumper to get that swapped out.

    There's some wiring crap I gotta deal with, like how if you have your foot on the brake the tail lights don't work, but if you put the blinker on while your foot is on the brake, it will stay lit up until the brake is released, so right now to make the brakes work, you need to hold you foot on the brake, hit the hazards on and off, and the brake lights will stay on until you take you foot off the pedal.

    So, some wiring goodies, loads of bodywork, a few new parts here and there to clean it up, and depending whether or not I can afford paint once everything is done, it will either be whatever colour I can afford that I can find enough of on sale some where, or it's just going to be clear coated raw showing all of the work that was done but still protected from future rust.

    Also if anyone knows the artist Simon Stalenhag, I've been obsessed with his work for as long as I can remember, and I've always wanted to do a build inspired by the machinery of his work, he has kind of a vintage 50's to 90's look but modern alien robot dinosaur apocalyptic thing going, it's the best, it's like futuristic machines, as if they were created in the 50's to 90's and already old and outdated as everything looks abandoned, so that's kind of the direction I wanted to go for painting this truck, but depending what it needs in parts.. might not be able to afford the paint and still be able to sell this once I'm done without losing money.

    Here's some of the images that I wanted to do a build after

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    Re: Project: 1997 Dodge RAM 1500

    could be a fun build, always had a thing for these old dodges,

    I have a set of 1.5" wheel spacers for one of these kicking around,
    if you want them maybe we could trade something?
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