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Thread: 2018 Unofficial Meet Thread

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    Re: 2018 Unofficial Meet Thread

    Here is the Route for the Folino Fall Colours Cruise

    Brad just drove the route this past weekend and said it was in fantastic shape.

    Before I post the directions I would like to again remind everyone that THIS IS NOT A RACE! We had some complaints last year about the way that some people were driving and it will not be tolerated this year. If you are spotted passing when you shouldn't be or doing rolling burnouts or speeding excessively you will be asked to leave.

    This is a 209km cruise, please be prepared. Get gas BEFORE showing up at Canadian Tire and don't be late. We will not wait for you.

    Directions are as follows:

    Start at Canadian Tire Arthur Street
    -Turn right onto Arthur St
    -Turn left onto HWY 130
    -Continue onto Barrie Dr
    -Turn right onto River Rd
    -Turn right onto HWY 588
    -Turn left onto HWY 11/17
    -Turn left onto HWY 590
    -Turn left onto HWY 595


    -Continue on HWY 595
    -Turn right onto HWY 588
    -Turn left onto HWY 593

    Lunch Break MIDDLE FALLS

    -Continue on HWY 593
    -Turn left onto HWY 61
    -Turn left onto HWY 608
    -Turn left onto HWY 597
    -Turn right onto HWY 595

    Rest Point/Regroup HWY 595 BRIDGE

    -Continue down HWY 595
    -Turn right onto HWY 588


    Please let myself, Brad, or Nick know if you plan on attending so we can plan accordingly.
    I will have maps available before we leave if anyone would like one.

    See you out there!

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    Re: 2018 Unofficial Meet Thread

    I'll definitely be going.

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    Re: 2018 Unofficial Meet Thread

    Can I come?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Is there a rain date?

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    Re: 2018 Unofficial Meet Thread

    Are there any meets that still happen? This forum kinda died

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