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Thread: Nabs' E39 Touring Project

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    Re: Nabs' E39 Touring Project

    That spoiler suits the wagon nicely. Great to see this gem getting the royal Nabs treatment, I wouldn't think twice about buying a car off you = )

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    Re: Nabs' E39 Touring Project

    I did a thing.

    I finally found a cheap enough donor M5 down in Toronto last week and drove down on Tuesday to pick it up and was back by the end of Wednesday. It'll be a winter project but I hope to have the drivetrain out in the next few weeks and will be doing a refresh on the engine as the timing is currently not set properly, but I was informed it was never started with the incorrect timing. I'll take a quick peek in the cylinders and if it doesn't look too good then I may do a full rebuild.
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