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Thread: Project: Waifu's Audi 8P A3 S-Line (AKA; Money Burner)

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    Project: Waifu's Audi 8P A3 S-Line (AKA; Money Burner)

    During the winter, I needed a car for some reason, I can't remember exactly why I wasn't driving the Integra, all I remember is I needed a car so I bought a 2009 Audi A3 in Montreal for the Waifu, booked a flight on Saturday Morning, layover in Toronto for what felt like forever, but I think it was only about 3-4 hours, go to Montreal Saturday Night/Sunday Morning, slept 3 hours, caught a $100 cab ride to the dealership, picked it up, headed out of town, drive straight through in one stretch, arrived back in Thunder Bay on Sunday Night/Monday morning, got another 4 hours sleep, went to work..

    Here it is when I arrived to pick it up, they had it cleaned up, full tank of gas and all warmed up ready for the drive home.

    The long drive back

    Encountered the first snowfall of the year.. this is four lanes wide

    Finally made it back

    Played in the snow a bit after work

    Brought the car for it's first car wash

    All cleaned up and loving the OEM no front plate front bumper, doesn't even have a place to put a license plate.

    Spent a small fortune on some OEM parts, changed the spark plugs just because I don't know when they were last changed, old ones were still really good so they must have been recently done.

    Audi R8 coil packs

    I also changed the DSG fluid, had to buy this stupid pump thing, my god that was a messy event, turns out this car was extremely well serviced as the old DSG fluid came out clean, same with the filter. But it's all brand new and all OEM, Also did an oil change with Rotella T5 5w40 and an OEM filter.

    I bought this stupid plate bracket that goes in the tow hook so I don't mess up my bumper for car shows.

    Brought it to AutoTrendz to get the front windows done, I asked them to match the back, they said that technically 20% isn't legal and I told them that I don't need to worry about that, the back defiantly isn't 20%.. Next day the car had 20% on the front doors, they said I would need to rebook an appointment into the next month to have it removed and reapplied and I would have to pay for the new tint but they would wave the fee for removal.. Luckily the tint started peeling off of both front windows because they didn't push the tint down under the window trim so I'm getting both redone for free under warranty.. But.. I'm still waiting to get that done.. You'll see why later.

    The chrome around the grille was starting to peel up from rockchips and I didn't want to wait until spring to buy a new all black mesh grille, so I bought some plasti-dip and sprayed it on while it was snowing since it's just getting thrown out in the spring anyway, I just wanted it less shitty for the remainder of the winter.

    When I had dipped it, it looked awful, straight out of highschool, so I bought some of that glossifier crap.. yeah, that made it look ridiculously out of place... But with the car covered in winter it was less noticeable so I just lived with it

    And I obviously did yellow fogs.. common.. what vehicle don't I do this too?

    And this is where the project log stops for awhile.. I haven't had the car on the road in two months now, I was in the left lane, city bus in the right stoping at a bus stop, dude in SUV in the right lane for whatever reason decided to floor it instead of slowing down with the bus, didn't blind spot check and drove straight into me trying to fit between the bus and myself, he pit maneuvered himself, did a 360 across the entire street and tossed his SUV into a snow bank. So now it's at Volkswagen getting fixed, I was talking to them and my insurance company and they said I'm able to put any replacement parts on the vehicle, I just have to pay the difference, so the car has been sitting for so long because I've been waiting for an 8P RS3 front bumper to come in from Germany since we didn't get those in north america, they don't even sell an aftermarket OE replacement on this side of the rock.

    It's getting an aftermarket OE 8P A3 fender, hood, 8P A3(s-line)S3 headlight, and then the aftermarket OE 8P RS3 Bumper, grille, fog lights, fog light grilles, and all associated brackets and emblem (audi emblem, not rs3 emblem)
    So here it is sitting in it's new little home at Volkswagen for the last twoish months while that bumper took god damn forever to show up, I just dropped the bumper off last week and it's going in for paint this Tuesday so it should only be another week or so for the paint to cure and reassembly.

    While I was waiting it out in the down time I also bought Travis's AG M540's

    Depending how money is played out before Eurokracy in June, the coilovers might have to wait until after we're back but I'm aiming to buy them and have them installed for the car show.

    Anyway, that's all for the Waifu's new car, more will come but for now it's at VW just waiting out bodywork, which there's not much they can do other than sit and wait it out, I'd rather them take forever than to rush it and have shitty paint.
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    Re: Project: Waifu's Audi 8P A3 S-Line (AKA; Money Burner)

    That's some luck you got Ben. Nice purchase though, I'm excited to see it after the facelift.

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