And a side note about our friend VOLTAGE. Ohms law is just that, a law...and can't be cheated. If your system is starving for voltage, most regulated amps will simply draw more current to make up the shortfall (voltage x current = power [amp watts]). Lower voltage = higher current to keep wattage the same. In this durty pig, initial install was so poor voltage was dropping to the point of amp almost going into protection. Clamped the power wire at the battery - was drawing almost 120 amps of current to do its job.

After the big 3 upgrade, proper wiring and chassis ground...and of course the big help of the aux. battery in the trunk...voltage is WAY up. While running at full hump the monoblock is still keeping 12.8 volts or so on it. I've since added a second large 4 channel to drive the front end. Reclamped the power wire - now peaking at about 91 amps total. Yep - added an amplifier to the mix, and current demand went way down. More voltage = less current!

This is an easy way to demonstrate the tangible value of PROPER WIRING. Clamp before and clamp after. If you did it right, your current draw goes down and the amp runs better. Volts are our friends