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Thread: 99 Civic Si D16Y8 block heater

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    99 Civic Si D16Y8 block heater

    Hey guys,

    So I'll be installing the block heater on the car. I'm just trying to confirm the location of the block coolant drain plug, which will be replace by the block heater. I'm hoping of any Honda guys can confirm this before I take out the bolt, in case something else comes out lol

    Here's a picture I found online and I'm pretty sure that's what the D16Y8 looks like. So I took a look under the car and I definitely see that gold bolt and washer (top left of filter) and from the shitty instructions from the BH company, it states it's located on the Rear Left of the engine, driver's point of view. Let me know if anyone confirms that's the right one. If not, let me know where to plug it in.

    Thanks guys

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    Re: 99 Civic Si D16Y8 block heater

    Yes, it is that plug you need to remove to the left of your oil filter.

    All B series, and the D15, have it on the front to the left of the header (looking at the engine from the front)

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