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Thread: How to Post Full Size Images Using Tapatalk

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    How to Post Full Size Images Using Tapatalk

    For those who are having difficulty understanding how to post full size images using Tapatalk

    Step 1: Press the little + button on the bottom left

    Step 2: Press the little picture botton (second from the left)

    Step 3: Press "Cancel"

    Step 4: Press the "Photo Sharing" area

    Step 5: Under "HOSTED BY" select either "Tapatalk" or "imgur.com". I recommend Tapatalk to keep it simple or if you don't mind you can creat an imgur account or use an already existing account. Once you choose either option hit the "<" button on the top left corner.

    Step 6ress the photo button again, then choose "Library"

    Step 7: Choose the photo you would like to upload

    Step 8: Once you have choosen the photo you would like to upload you will be brough to an editing page which looks like this. You can edit your photo how you would like or simply press the "Done" button

    Step 9: The image address will appear in your text area as shown below. You can choose to add the rest of your response above, below, before or after the image address. If you would like to post another picture, simply press the return button on the keyboard and repeat steps 6 through 8

    Step 10: Enjoy your newly posted full size image!

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    Re: How to Post Full Size Images Using Tapatalk


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